The Mental Health Summit 2020

By The.CoreySams (other events)

Sunday, August 30 2020 3:00 PM 4:00 PM EDT

The Mental Health Summit was created to educate, entertain and create normalcy around the topic of mental health and wellness. Too often we hear stories of toxic family ties, relationships gone awry, or substance abuse be put down. The people attached to them belittled and stories swept under the rug to be "forgotten". Taking care of your mental health is the foundation that your overall health is built on. We value that.

This year's event is addressing the state of where we are as a community. We have seen the Black Lives Matter movement capture global attention during the COVID-19 pandemic, celebrity mental breakdowns and political unrest as tensions rise in response to this year's upcoming election. Thinking about all of that is more than enough to trigger anybody. 

The Mental Health Summit 2020 will showcase talents used as outlets for mental wellness, a panel of licensed mental health professionals, a keynote address by Charlett Hodge of @OpenDialogueCC, and so much more! We are excited to have you join us on AUGUST 30th @3pm on YouTube Live!